Final project proposal

The research topic I chose is the study of live streaming. Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer. Different companies developed different types of live streaming services, but unlike other media, there isn’t actually one company that takes the lead.

The idea of live streaming has appeared long ago, however, due to technological constraints, live streaming did not become popular until 2015. There are various live streaming platforms like Twitch, 17, and traditional social media incorporate live streaming services like Facebook Live, and Youtube live. And their contents vary from gaming to eat broadcast. There are unlimited possibilities in live streaming, which is fascinating but also dangerous for the next generation. Take the example of 17, one of the biggest streming services in Asia, five days after its first launch, the app store banned the app because of the sexual and violent contents in the platform.

How can companies integrate live streaming services, and make live streaming more impactful to our lives than it has did in the past 5 years will be my main focus of the topic.


News response – 36Kr

36Kr is a technology blog company from China. Their target audience is mainly entrepreneur and investors. They write and translate technology-related news on their platform to catch eyeballs. With many similar contents on 36Kr and Techcrunch, people often say that 36Kr is the Techcrunch of China, in fact, one of the 36Kr earliest domain is called However, different from Techcrunch, 36Kr gives objective and sometimes bias opinion on investment information. 36Kr claimed that they are an interconnected network instead of a media. Charging commission from success investments is the main income for the company. As one of the biggest and most controversial technology media in China, 36Kr  is an interesting company I would like to follow over the course of the semester.


Earlier this week I read a raider post on 36Kr about how to win the “red envelope war”. With more than 86K views, this post is currently the most viewed post of this week. Red envelope means blessing and luck; giving out the red envelope to family members is a tradition Chinese have. But after 2014, Wechat (The biggest social media in China) introduced their online “red envelope”, it has changed the form of the tradition dramatically. In the post it mentioned, over 6 billion worth of digital red envelope will be given out next week(Chinese Lunar New Year) by several biggest company in China as rewards for their loyalty users, for example, Alipay, Baidu, Toutiao, TikTok and more…


What interested me is how this technology has changed our tradition. Before, we have to visit our grandparents, aunty, and cousins to get our red envelope. It was a way to gather the whole family together, but now with the digital red envelope, red envelope lost its purpose. On the other hand, the digital red envelope becomes another way of social engagement. Friends and coworkers now also give a small amount of red envelope on group chat, only the first to open it can get the money. During this time of the year, we not only spend time with the people around us but also we can share bless with friends and family members around the world. Digital red envelope gives us, who can’t spend this important time with the family, some comfort…

Direction of Hankchentennis WordPress​

Four years ago, I started to write blog posts about my life as an athlete. This website recorded my thoughts and feelings when I was still a professional tennis player, so re-activating this website has a deep meaning to me. And this is also the reason why I didn’t want to change the main design of the website.


Now, this website includes blog posts of two different phases of my life, from an athlete to a creator. The goal of the website is to share my truest opinions and feelings to topics I am interested in. I hope in the next phase of my career, I could look back to this series of post and feel proud of what I have achieved.


When re-activating this website, I encountered a few challenges. How to add in new elements that represent my creative mind without changing the old vibe of the webiste is a challenge I need to find solution for this semester. Another challenge for me is how to set the main purpose of this website. I try to not create redundant content between my websites. I will focus more on discussing topics with you, instead of making this place another portfolio website. With that being siad, I welcome you to another phase of this website.

by Director Hank Chen

Watch my performance(blue shirt) at my last professional tournament – Chinese Taipei 25K International Tennis tournament

Watch a Cuba travel film I made with my sister last spring break.


You can find more of my film on my YOUTUBE channel!

政策不能改變發展 行動才能







運動員對自己的身體應該是要十分保護的,但是這次我為了達成之前設下的短期目標我並沒有休息養傷,在這六個禮拜中打了三個比賽,但我也成功達到我的目標。包括在 *全國排名賽中搶分、*全國青少年18歲組冠軍、*業餘愛迪達盃一冠一亞。









亞洲人的土法煉鋼遇上法國人的sensational tennis那是什麼樣的火花。對從10歲開始就接受「台灣式訓練」的我剛開始很不習慣,到現在已經愛上感覺對了就夠了的練球作息。今天早上的訓練要求的是短暫高強度的腳步所以到了接近中午的時候我的腳已經不太聽話了,這樣的課表一個禮拜可能只會出現一次所以我一定全力以赴完成訓練。狀況換到台灣一般的校隊這可能是每天都出現的菜色,選手也習以為常用著60%的態度敷衍教練因為第一次打網球的熱血澎湃早就消失了。這也是台灣選手到了成人之後難登大堂的原因之一,問問自己當初的那種求知若渴的欲望到哪了?各項運動選手共勉之。

下午練球我只花了40分鐘「感覺」我的發球就休息了,其他選手繼續完成他們120分鐘的課表。在訓練營休息都是自己說了算,感覺對了就夠了。這對第一次聽到sensational tennis的你來說可能覺得我是在偷懶、我在裝死,但這是法國人帶給我最棒的課程之一。